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Joining a Skype Class with FATB Online

If you've booked your online class with Flutes at the Barns, we want you to feel confident about getting online and joining the call. Here is a step-by-step guide to make it as easy as possible.
1. If you are not already a Skype user, you will be required to download Skype to the device of your choice - a computer, a phone, a tablet it's up to you (you can be signed in across several devices). Skype is a free app. If you want to download this now, just go to your usual app store (Google Play, iTunes etc) or search online from the device you wish to use, and then install.
2. Following your booking, you will receive an email confirming your place on the class; read this email carefully as it contains all the details you need. You are now required to (1) make payment and (2) get ready to participate - simply follow the instructions.

Do check that is marked as a safe sender, otherwise any emails from FATB Online could end up in your trash/spam folder.
3. As explained in the booking confirmation email, to add yourself to your class, click on the link you have received which takes you to a new page (see image, right). Please do not join as a guest, but sign in instead, using the details you used to join Skype. If you have not yet downloaded Skype, clicking on this link will helpfully prompt you to do so.

Troubleshooting: if your link isn't active, you can copy and paste it into the browser bar; if your usual browser (Safari, Internet Explorer) doesn't work, try installing Google Chrome, which has proved a bit more reliable when Skype are making updates behind the scenes.
4. Each class is called a "conversation". Once you've joined the conversation for your forthcoming class it will say "(your name) joined the conversation," and this lets FATB Online know that you have connected successfully - you should do this within 1-2 days of receiving your link if possible, and definitely ahead of the day of your workshop. This now means that you are now linked successfully to the class, and it is in your 'directory'; you can see an example of this on the right hand side of the screen here; on the left is the 'directory,' a list of any recent conversations you currently have had or joined.
Troubleshooting: please note that on a phone or tablet this might be arranged differently on the screen, so you may have to scroll down to find it, but the same principles apply. Whatever your device, there is a search function so by typing in any part of the FATB Online class name you will find the workshop again.
5. 15-20 minutes before your class, please use your device and open Skype; now click into the conversation for your class (remember to use the search function if you can't find it). FATB Tutor Zoe Booth will now send a message out to everyone to ask if they are ready and online - as you can see here, each class-goer simply types back to say that they're ready, so now you can be sure that the class will start right on time!

When you booked you gave your telephone number(s) to FATB Online: if FATB Online does not see that you are ready with several minutes to go, please have your phone on hand and be ready to accept a call so that every help to get you connected can be given before the class starts.
6. It's all about to happen! Stay right where you are in front of your device, with the Skype class-conversation open. At the start-time of your online workshop you will be called; when you hear the ring, press the green "join" button. Please answer with your video so that you will be seen on screen by the tutor and other participants.

Trouble-shooting: participants who are used to connecting to Zoom meetings in advance occasionally make the mistake of accidentally calling everyone in the Skype class a few minutes early! Please try to minimise disruption by avoiding doing this - remember, you don't initiate the call here, you simply wait to be called and answer it, just like a phone-call.
7. The photo above shows you how the class can all see each other and see the class-tutor too. Notice the three buttons in the bottom middle of the screen; from left to right they are:

  • a picture of a microphone - switch your audio off (mute) or on (unmute)
  • a picture of a video camera - switch your video off/on
  • red button with a phone on - exit the call

These buttons toggle, which means one press to turn off, one further press to turn on and so on. If there is a diagonal line through either of the audio or video buttons (not seen in the above picture) it means that you can't be heard/seen, so press again to remove the diagonal line. As the position of these varies from device to device, please familiarise yourself with where these three buttons can be found; in particular, to cut down on background noise/feedback you will be asked to mute your audio whilst the tutor is presenting, so do work out in advance how to do so (if necessary, ask the internet). Please note that the tutor can mute your audio for you, but - for reasons of privacy - can't unmute you later.

And there you go, you're connected - we hope you enjoy taking part in FATB Online!

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